About us

Christos Place was created and is managed by German-born Simone Bosch and Christos Vardoulakis who was born in Anidri. In 1993 they turned the old school of the village into the small café “Sto Scolio”, offering snacks for hiking travelers and the local population. But soon our guests wanted more than just a few Greek snacks. So in 2001, we extended the café into a taverna where we serve local dishes, with home grown ingredients, using traditional as well as innovative recipes.

Christos Place

Architect Simone and builder Christos have designed and built their 6 holiday cottages with much love, care and attention to detail, using a piece of land which the family owned for many years. Before Christos’ parents used the land to grow wheat and olives, it was used for beehives; therefore, that whole slope of the mountain was traditionally called the ‘bee garden’.

This is why we have used the symbol of a beehive as the logo for Christos Place. The image itself derives from an ancient terracotta disc, the Diskos of Phaistos, which was found in 1908 in the ruins of the palace of Phaistos, a bronze age Minoan settlement in Crete. It can be considered one of the oldest printed works of humanity (about 1700 BC), whereby individual stamps of human, animal and plant motives were pressed into the clay in a spiral pattern. Because the image of the beehive also symbolises ‘home’, this became our logo when we decided to build Christos Place in the former bee garden.


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